Thank you for visiting my webpage. Being retired I have more time to work for my consultant company established about 20 years ago.

The center of gravity of my service lies in the following areas:

  • Critical patent search based on > 40 years of experience in chemical and biosensors and analytical instrumentation

  • Expert opinions in infringement cases, assessment of innovation height, novelty, state of the art, etc.  

  • Expert opionions on the quality of the results of chemical analysis - Is its reliablility sufficient to support important  decisions of larger consequences?

  • Advice in writing research proposals for the European Commission based on long lasting experience as an evaluator of research proposals send to this organization (own success rate > 70%)
  • Organisation of Workshops or training of co-workers with topics like: innovation height, how to write a patent, problem solving stategies, quality assurance in R&D in university as also in industrial invironments

  • General advice in the field of analytical chemical R&D based on over 350 publications, two text books, and over 300 adviced diploma and Ph.D. thesis'.

  • Solving problems in my area of expertise (including confidential issues)  

From the list of some German Patents wtih myself as inventor/co-inventor some clients can be identified:




My last publication was in 2009 in honor of my Ph.D. advisor, Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. G. Ertl     "Contributions to a reliable hydrogen sensor  based on surface plasmon surface resonance   spectroscopy" (Surface Science 603 (2009) 1353–1359)

Don't hesitate to conact me. Simply send an e-mail to: