Scientific Fields

(documented by over  350 publications, two text books with multiple editions, and > 30.000 pages of adviced diploma and Ph.D thesis')Electroanalytical Chemistry, chemical and biochemical sensors, environmental trace analysis  ("on-line" - monitoring); development of devices for instrumental analysis; Micro- and Nano systems, diagnostic devices (inventor of > 30 own patents in all areas connected with chemical analysis).Since 1965 research work in the field of chemical sensors; inventor of the technical term "biosensor" already in 1977 (Fres. Z.Anal.Chem. 287:1-9,1977) and since then research on this topic.Author of the well-known German standard monograph on ion selective electrodes (1973) – three editions 1987 and 1999, translated into English, Russian, Polish, Chinese; Editor and main author of the German text book on “Instrumentelle Analytische Chemie” 788 pages, Spectrum-Verlag 2001, 2. edtition 2010; I initiated, and in 1991 was the founder of the Institute for Chemical and Biochemical Sensor Research (ICB) at the University of Muenster, where  > 100 scientists perform research in the field of chemical sensor measuring technology and analytical chemistry in close cooperation with the chair of Analytical Chemistry. One of the advantages of the ICB (since 2/2003 a GmbH – SME) is the interdisciplinary cooperation of scientists from various areas such as analysis technology, micro systems technology and biochemistry / biotechnology, and electical engineering in order to develop sensors for environmental, industrial and medical applications. Over 150 international patents have been granted for the ICB so far. Over 20 European projects were funded by the European Commission 1990 - 2001 (success rate ~ 70%);  several were honored by being considered as a European “success story”.
The special ICB philosophy is described in the ppt presentation at the end.

Long lasting experience as an evaluator for the European Commission from 1990 until now (advice powerpoint presentation :


Océ-van-der Grinten Umweltschutzpreis (Environment Award) for the development of a plasma-emission-detector (PED) for gas chromatography (1987)Technologie-Transfer-Preis des Bundesministers für Bildung und Wissenschaft (Technology-Transfer-Prize of the German Ministry for Education and Science) for the PED (1987)First Prize at the International Competition "Analytical Chemistry - today's definition and interpretation" (organized by H. Malissa and Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 1992)Pregl-Medail of the Austrian Society for Analytical Chemistry and Microchemistry in 1998 for practical achievements in the field of Analytical ChemistryNatta-Ziegler Lectureship of the German and Italian Chemical Societies in 1999 


GDCh (Society of German Chemists), GDCh-Section "Analytical Chemistry", GDCh-Section "Micro and Trace Analysis of Elements (A.M.S.El)", GDCh-Section "Chemistry of Water" and ists subgroup "Chemometrics", Deutsche Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie, American Chemical Society (ACS), DECHEMA (Frankfurt/M), VDI-Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (Association of German Engineers), VDE-Verein Deutscher Elektrotechniker (Association of German Electrical Engineers), GME German Society for Micro Electronics, DVGW Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (German Association of Gas and Water Technicians), Gesellschaft für Meß- und Sensortechnik, AGEF Arbeitsgemeinschaft Elektrochemischer Forschungsinstitutionen (German Federation of Electrochemical Research Institutions)

Memberships in Boards and Councils

-       member of the board of directors of the GDCh-Division "Analytical Chemistry"    -       Chairman of the VDI/VDE/GME subgroup "Micro Systems in Medical Technology"-       Vice President of the GDCh-Subgroup "Chemical Sensors"-       Vice President of the subgroup "Biological and biochemical Tests in the Analysis of Water" of the GDCh-Division "Chemistry of Water"-       National representative in the “International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry” IUPAC -Commission V 5 (Electroanalytical Chemistry)     -      Associate member of the IUPAC interdivisional party on “Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry”-       member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Federation of Industrial Cooperative Research Associations (Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen AiF)-       member of the Science Council of the AMA Fachverband für Sensorik (German Trade Association for Sensorics)-       GDCh-Spokesman in the DIN (German National Standard) - Subgroup for pH- and Ion Measuring Techniques-       member of the Scientific Advisory Board on the Technical Association of Large Power Plant Operators (VGB Technische Vereinigung der Großkraftwerksbetreiber )-       member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Society of Micro Electronics (GME)       

Editorial duties

-       Founding Editor in Chief of the international leading scientific journal "Sensors and Actuators Part B (Chemical)" 1991-2000 (impact factor rised from 0 à 1,45 better than some over 100 years old competing journals)-       European Editor of the scientific journal of the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry (SEAC), USA-       Member of the board of trustees of the scientific journal "Angewandte Chemie" 1992-1998-        member of the Editorial Board of "Analytcal Chemistry" ACS Washington 1996-1998  -       member of the Editorial Board of the "Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry" 1986-2001     


-       Evaluator in the field of measuring and analysis techniques for the German and American Science Foundation, the BMFT (German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology), the European Union, the Volkswagen-Foundation, and several German and European State ministries (AU, SE, CH).
-        elected “official main evaluator” for Analytical Chemistry and sensors of the German Science Foundation voted by university professor colleagues in this field 1992 - 2000.

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